Welcome to Eva’s Herbucha

KombuchaOne of the first kombucha brewers in Portland, Eva’s Herbucha has been producing delicious, raw kombucha for 9 years.
Herbucha is a premium raw kombucha drink with a twist. Drawing from the natural healing properties found in green teas, black teas, and hand-selected herbs, Herbucha is a natural soda with an alluring floral taste and crisp finish. More than a healthy tonic, Herbucha is distinctly delicious as well.

Check out Eva’s Herbucha flavors including her two most popular brews: Jumpstart and Goddess Blend. Herbucha is brewed with organic, fair trade sugar and bottled in recycled glass. Take Herbucha on hiking trails, to backyard BBQ’s, or enjoy after a yoga class.

As always, your feedback is welcomed and encouraged. Thank you for supporting Eva’s Herbucha. Zum Wohl (To your health)!